The Pre-Clovis and Clovis Debate


         For National History Day the topic is Diplomacy and Debate; Successes, Failures, and Consequences. Our project mainly relates to debate rather than diplomacy.  Whether Clovis people were the first humans in America, or if there were people before them has been a debate for centuries and centuries. Even though tests were run on artifacts said to be more then 13,000 years old, some archaeologists still contradict this and say the tests were contaminated by carbonate in ground water. Other scientists say that there is no way that people could have immigrated and survived early in the Ice Age. It was a success for archaeologist Dr. Adovasio when he proved the Clovis believers wrong and turned most archeologists on his side of the debate, and it was a failure for the people that believed there was no one here before Clovis because they where proved wrong. I think our topic on the Clovis Debate has many successes, failures, and consequences. For many Archaeologists it must have been devastating being proved wrong and for some it probably was a joy to know all your hard work was worth it.