The Pre-Clovis and Clovis Debate

16,000 years ago - This would be about the time when the Pre-Clovis people inhabited the

Circa 9,500 B.C. – T
ime in which the last Ice Age came to an end.  It is also at this time that many archaeologists believe the first humans in America, known as Clovis people, crossed the Bering Strait.  

– In this year a cowboy found the first evidence of the Clovis people.  This discovery was a mammoth skeleton with a spear-point in its ribs near Folsom, New Mexico.

1932 - The actual culture of Clovis is named after artifacts found near Clovis, New Mexico, where the first evidence was excavated in this year. 

1973-  Doctor Adovasio was contacted and told about a rock shelter which would later become known as Meadowcroft. He was looking for a place for his summer field training program in archaeology at Pitt. When he heard about this rock shelter he knew it would be perfect. So he and his training group began to excavate.

1990- Additional work was conducted at Meadowcroft, which started only as a site for a field school but now was the center of a fierce dispute. This dispute continued on threw the late 1990s, until it began to fall apart due to Meadowcroft.

– One of the first pieces of evidence to the “Clovis first” theory was called to attention.  Confirmation was made of human habitation in Monte Verde, Southern Chile. 

           Since the 20th century the theory was that Clovis people were the first inhabitants of the Americas. The support of this theory was based on that there was no evidence proving the existence of Pre-Clovis. It is believed that the Clovis people lived about a half of a millennium, about 11,200 to 10,900 years ago. Once Meadowcroft came into the picture many archeologists began to rethink the idea of Pre-Clovis people.